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Tango etiquette


To ensure that your dancing in the salon is an enjoyable experience for yourself, your partner and other dancers, please observe the following:

Ideally couples should be moving round the floor (anti-clockwise) as one. To this end, please do not take too long dancing on the spot figures or stop for a chat with your partner or with others.

The dance floor is meant to have lanes. Depending on floor size, there may be an outer, middle, inner, and centre. If you must merge into another lane, do so consciously and courteously. Also, please try to avoid stepping back and travelling against the line of dance.

Please be aware of other couples and keep your distance in order to avoid collisions. If this happens, apologise with a smile, even if you don’t think it was your fault.

Cut-ins and zig-zags across lanes and steps or movements that could create kicks can be unsafe so please try to avoid them.

Please do not teach on the dance floor.

Please don’t walk across the dance floor when people are dancing.

It is polite to dance with your partner for at least 3 dances although more is fine, if you both want to.



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