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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


For Complete Beginners

Do I need previous dance experience?

It’s not necessary to have any dance experience whatsoever. We will teach you all that you need in our beginners course.

Do I need to bring a partner?

You can come on your own, with a partner or with friends.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing which allows you to move freely.

Do I need special shoes?

You don’t need special shoes to start with but you do need to wear shoes that you can pivot (turn) on. If you decide that you want to continue after your beginners’ course, you can buy proper dance shoes (see our LINKS page for where to buy shoes).

How long will it take me to learn tango?

It depends on how much time and energy you can invest. By the end of our 8 week beginners’ course you will have a basic understanding of what tango is all about. Most people find the transition from learning steps to dancing in the salon challenging but you can accelerate your learning and confidence by doing the following:

  • Taking regular classes
  • Using our practise room after each class to repeat what you have learned will help you remember the material and prepare you for dancing in the salon (social dancng).
  • Practising at home. The more you practise, the faster you will learn.
  • Taking private lessons. This is the fast-track way to learning tango as individual attention speeds up the process.
  • Watching and learning from more experience dancers. Our students are a friendly, helpful bunch of people and some of them will happily help you. Watching more experienced dancers also helps you to develop your own style

How do I Make Further Progress?

You learn to dance tango through a process of repetition, consolidation and refinement.

Leaders often feel that they have forgotten more than they have learned but this is an entirely normal part of the process. So be patient with yourself and don’t get too frustrated. As a leader, you will have to learn steps, lead your partner, interpret the music and navigate round the room

Followers often lack confidence and try to anticipate what their partner is leading. Balance, good technique and maintaining the connection with your partner, as well as learning to relax, receive and respond to the lead will help you to become a confident dancer.

All of the above will be covered in our classes.



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